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Quema OÜ Thrives By Using Modern Cutting-Edge Approaches and Improvements

Updated: Jan 19

Quema's primary focus and domain is DevOps. The company’s engineers have many years of DevOps experience, and they are constantly developing to stay current in the industry.

Quema have certified specialists who use only the best DevOps practices to ensure that our customers are always using cutting-edge modern approaches and improvements.

Besides this, the company provides different services such as cloud computing and DevOps services to the clients from different geographies.

Many startups in the fast-paced world are unable to scale normally and provide their services due to outdated IT infrastructure. The team is tasked with building or maintaining complex, rapidly growing IT systems, with a plethora of dependencies and technologies, staff recruitment, and compliance with modern PCI DSS, GDPR security standards, and world leaders' best practices. People frequently do not know how to find the right solution to this problem; ergo, the team constantly provides untimely support, unqualified personnel, and a constant headache of related processes.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

The GoodFirms Leaders matrix methodology is the method by which GoodFirms ranks organizations on its various service listing pages. The flagship Leaders matrix from GoodFirms is based on a Company Performance Algorithm. It works by assessing an organization's overall performance against a set of predefined metrics and competencies. The evaluation is used to determine the ranking of deserving businesses on our listing pages.

Likewise, GoodFirms’ team evaluated Quema and ranked it for rendering the robust admin solutions.

Ensuring Seamless Operations:

Quema engineers believe it is critical to understand how a K8s cluster with many moving parts operates. The Kubernetes Experts will review your K8s configuration to ensure you are adhering to Kubernetes security and using best configuration practices to ensure your clusters are ready for production.

The team has been building systems for many years and are constantly improving because new technologies, architectural patterns, and best practices-p emerge all the time. Microservices are an architectural pattern that arose from the worlds of domain-driven design, continuous delivery, platform and infrastructure automation, scalable systems, polyglot programming, and persistence. Based on their extensive experience, Quema’s experts will assist you in developing a microservice architecture for your application.

With Quema business outsourcing solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage in the markets of recruitment, business processes, and other operational processes in your company. The team assists you in increasing your profits and expanding your business sooner than you might have anticipated! Thus, rendering robust services endows Quema OÜ to be in the list of top companies for administrative services.

Thus, Quema renders services that support an organization, such as networking, technology services, and support, are outsourced to expert organizations for development, maintenance, upgrade, and support, among other things.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is the evidence of rendering robust solutions.

About the Author

Working as a Content Writer at GoodFirms, Anna Stark bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role is to figure out company achievements and critical attributes and put them into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and leverages new approaches that work, including new concepts, that enhance the firm’s identity.

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