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Nx: the core benefits of the monorepository

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Have you already used Nx? If yes, please share your thoughts in the comments.

If not - we are here to shed more light on the topic.

Nx is a library of very useful tools for monorepos creation, it offers lots of powerful integrations and a rapidly growing community. It allows storing several logically-related projects in one repository, for example, a web client, a mobile client, and a backend. Such a tool obviously improves collaboration inside a tech team and eases code reuse.
Perfectly fits for all the Javascript stacks - React, Angular, Node and many more (no matter, back- or front-end technology).

Nx provides top-notch support for monorepositories: this smart system is constantly investigating your workspace, it re-builds and re-tests only just what is essential to be further processed. No computation is processed twice!

Cutting edge Cloud support is surely to be provided, allowing you link-sharing, detailed build logs observation and offering you so much free space for project improvement.

Briefly, with Nx you get:

  • Smart rebuilds

  • Project graph

  • Distributed task performance

  • Computation caching

  • Simple code sharing

  • Advanced ownership management options.

It goes with an interactive dependency diagram to ensure a deeper understanding of your workspace:

Due to the platform openness and simplicity, plenty of Nx plugins can be used to significantly raise your productivity. How? Use high-quality VS Code plugin, interactive visualizations, smoothly integrate it with your GitHub and CI, create your own most convenient Nx Devkit.

Good news: Nx can help to save up to 50% of CI time.

That is why Nx is preferred by both tech & business people, startups and established businesses.

Try it to transform your development process, today!

Still need more information? Luckily, Nx gives lots of opportunities learning and upskilling, e.g. free courses. Feel free to follow

Quema team will be happy to help you with a proper Nx set-up, just drop us a line.

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